Peter brings with him over 25 years of experience specialising providing advice both in respect of dispute resolution and also employment related matters.

As such Peter has extensive experience of dealing with a variety of matters including

  1. Partnership disputes
  2. Shareholder disputes
  3. Defective building works
  4. Defective goods
  5. Consumer contracts
  6. Bankruptcy and solvency issues
  7. Contract disputes
  8. Peter always seeks to adopt a pragmatic approach to resolving disputes and believes in providing advice in a clear and straightforward manner. He always strives to achieve the best practical outcome possible for clients, as cost-effectively as possible.

In addition, Peter also advises both employers and employees in respect of wide ranging employment issues including:

  1. Unfair dismissal
  2. Breach of contract
  3. Redundancy
  4. Discrimination claims
  5. TUPE transfers
  6. Restrictive covenants/confidentiality
  7. Settlement Agreements
  8. Peter also assists employers in preparation of key documentation including contracts and employee handbooks as well as policies and procedures.

Peter believes in adopting a practical approach to resolving problems which arise in the workplace , whether that is advising an employer or employee and also has extensive experience advising in respect of Settlement Agreements both for employers and employees varying from a few hundred pounds in value to in excess of half a million pounds.