At long last we have a date for the introduction of the long awaited Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020. This is the act that allows married couples to divorce without assigning blame – the so called “No Fault Divorce”.

Family lawyers have campaigned for No Fault Divorce for many years – if you have spoken to Sharon or Emma recently you will know that they both fully support the implementation of the new act.

Currently all too often separating couples agree arrangements for the children and even how financial matters are to be resolved only to hear from their Solicitor that if they want to divorce within 2 years of their amicable separation one party will have to detail reasons why the other party has behaved in such a way they cannot be expected to live with them. However carefully the divorce petition is currently drafted it is so much against the spirit of an “amicable divorce”.

It is disappointing that the implementation day is further ahead than we had hoped, the previous indication from the Government being that the act would be in force by the Autumn of this year.

We understand that the delay is to ensure that Court I.T. systems are fit for purpose to ensure that the divorce process works in the way it is intended.

Sharon Wilkinson and Emma Rymell have a combined 55 years of experience advising in connection with divorce, financial remedy and children matters and are happy to meet with you (directly or by remote video meeting) to explain separation/the divorce process in detail, and formulate a way forward tailored to your individual case.