Andrew specialises in the court-based representation of children adults and companies.

Andrew has a particular speciality in representing children both in care proceedings brought by local authorities and in cases where children are joined to complex disputes between parents as to where the children shall live and how much time they should spend with the parent they’re not living with.

Many of the cases Andrew deals with are highly complex, involving significant factual and technical issues, including detailed examination of medical issues in terms of non-accidental injuries, deep-seated psychological problems, multiple factual allegations of physical and sexual abuse, significant and chronic neglect, drug and alcohol problems and dealing with individuals who struggle to participate within the court process.

Andrew prides himself upon a thorough, organised and systematic approach to these cases and an ability to relate to and empathise with the clients he represents.

Andrew also specialises in the representation of individuals and companies in relation to road traffic offences and regulatory prosecutions, for example by trading standards, health and safety executive etc

Andrews ability to deal with complex multi party cases involving significant documentation is assisted by an experienced and committed team Working with him.


Andrew attended Warwick school before graduating from Newcastle University with an honours degree in law.

He completed his law society final exams at the college of law in Chester, before taking up a training contract with Cocks Lloyd in September 1980.

Andrew was admitted as a solicitor on the 1st of October 1982 and became a partner in Cocks Lloyd 1986.

Andrew is a member of the Law Society children’s panel and has been for many years.




Katrina joined Cocks Lloyd in 1981 and has been an integral member of the Cocks Lloyd Criminal Team since then.

She has established an enviable set of skills in dealing with the most serious and complex of criminal cases, whilst also retaining a grounded approach to the needs and expectations of her clients.

Katrina devotes a sympathetic approach to her clients’ goals and fully appreciates the significant distress faced by clients in what are often frightening and bewildering circumstances.

Katrina’s empathetic skills enable her to draw from clients the significant material most required to enable their case to be put to their best advantage and fully supports her clients through this often difficult and emotionally challenging process.

Katrina also has an unparalleled knowledge of the intricacies of practice law and procedure in all manner of alcohol, gambling and premises licensing.

Katrina’s experience covers the individual private business/shop owner to multi outlet business and retailers and ranges from initial diagnostic advice to representation at contested/opposed applications and appeals.