We can assist in both pursuing or defending a property related dispute including those relating to residential home owners and landlords to commercial property landlords or tenants. Our services include:

  • Boundary disputes;
  • Breach of covenant, easement and right of way disputes;
  • Breach of a sale or auction contracts;
  • Residential landlord and tenant disputes or actions to recover possession;
  • Claim to recover rent arrears from a residential tenant;
  • Party Wall disputes;
  • Adverse possession;
  • Co-habitation and property ownership disputes;
  • Mobile Home disputes.
  • Disputes concerning repairing obligations;
  • Rent and rent review disputes;
  • Enforcing lease covenants;
  • Forfeiture and terminating a lease;
  • Lease renewal claim;
  • Business tenancies ;
  • Dilapidations;
  • Mobile home and holiday park disputes.
  • Successfully represented a landlord seeking possession of his property due to rent arrears. His tenant sought to defend and set-off the claim by alleging the property was in a poor condition. The defence was swiftly dispensed with and possession recovered along with costs.
  • Assisting a client in a breach of contract claim concerning the sale of farmland, successfully obtaining judgment for the client and successfully recovering damages and costs.
  • Representing a client in a boundary dispute in which proceedings were issued. The dispute was resolved by mediation.
  • Acting for a commercial landlord in a dispute concerning the construction of a rent review clause. The dispute was eventually resolved in negotiations between the parties.
  • Successfully recovering significant rent arrears owed to a commercial landlord together with costs.
  • Assisting a commercial client in seeking a new lease on profitable terms despite his tenant seeking to undervalue the rent payable.
  • Forcing a purchaser at auction to complete the purchase even though they did not want to.